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In the previous issues of this newsletter, I’ve highlighted some creative digital projects supporting local businesses and laid-off employees impacted by the pandemic.

These conversations inspired me to start an initiative too:

Making the transition from student to professional life has never been an easy task.

Graduating in 2020 is unquestionably harder.

“Starting my career during a crisis wasn't all rainbows and unicorns, yet perseverance, good networking and adaptability are what made it possible for me to get where I am today, and I'm looking forward to seeing how creative the 2020 graduates will be and what they'll be able to achieve!” recently shared Maria Izzo who after shaky beginnings went on to work for companies like Airbnb, iZettle, and Acast.

While LinkedIn allows you to connect with almost anyone in any industry, it doesn’t tell you who’s willing to support you when you are just entering the job market.

And feedback is what aspiring professionals are missing the most right now.

“Not getting an answer is the worst ever, never felt this unloved.” says Freja who recently graduated from Berghs, a prestigious communication school in Sweden.

The goal behind this initiative is to build a supportive network for recent graduates. By facilitating a dialogue with professionals from diverse backgrounds we want to make the situation a little bit more bearable and hopefully foster opportunities as well.

“So my advice to you today is to listen your allies at least as much as you listen to your inner voice. Believe in yourself, but believe in your network too. Because your network creates the map of the world that provides the context you need to make good forward progress in your life. And in times like these, where there’s so much confusion and uncertainty, you will definitely need that map.”Reid Hoffman

To host this initiative, I’ve collaborated with the passionate community builders at Haaartland. Their platform supports posts, live chat, and video calls and was the perfect solution to rapidly build this project in a secure and private environment.

Last week we invited a few selected members to join the community and we’re now ready to welcome more. Check it out if:

  • you recently graduated and need guidance to find your first job

  • you recently graduated, found a job and could share some tips

  • you’re currently hiring for junior positions and looking for talents

  • you’re considered as an expert in your field and could give some advice

Summer vacations are just around the corner and we all deserve a break after the nerve-racking recent months. So don’t worry, there is absolutely no commitment.

But if you recognize yourself in one of the above descriptions, please consider taking a few minutes of your time to simply share a story, some quick tips, or an opportunity.

These few minutes could have a transformational impact on someone’s career.

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PS: This community is free, without ads and will not be monetized in any way.

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