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— Issue 1 (Week 31, 2019)

Erwan Derlyn

Hello and welcome to the first issue of my newsletter.

Here are the news, insights, and resources on growth marketing and startups I’ve selected for you this week.


About 400 people in Uber’s 1,200-person strong marketing department were laid off across its 75 offices globally. Amy Sun, early employee and now partner at Sequoia, shared a few interesting lessons for fast-growing companies in this Twitter thread.

“I wish marketing remained more closely aligned with product. I wish we established /simple and clear areas of ownership and rules of engagement.”


Amazon now averages a 74% share of digital transactions in the US according to data from Jumpshot: “Many people guess Amazon’s market share at around 40-50% — but that’s how they perform in their worst categories, like clothing and furniture.”


Dashboards tend to have some pretty extreme pricing. Snapboard.io is a fully editable dashboard that lets you track all your metrics across different apps for free. Perfect if you are early-stage and don’t have the cash to invest in solutions like Tableau yet.


Following Uber’s massive layoff, the marketing community on LinkedIn has come together and created a list of all the names of those affected to help them find a new role. If you are looking for top marketing talents, head over to this Google spreadsheet. You can also add openings you may currently have in your company on the roles’s tab.


Many of you are still on vacation so I will close this week’s issue with a fun fact:

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