Invisible innovation

— Issue 7 (Week 37, 2019)

Erwan Derlyn

Happy Monday! Sorry, I'm sending the newsletter a bit late this week. Let's say I'm experimenting (growth mindset, you know). Or maybe I have been watching way too much basketball lately (Yay, France went 3rd place at the FIBA World Cup!).

Anyway, here is what caught my attention last week:

🍏The Apple event

🔥The rise of TikTok

✅A free SEO checklist


Last Tuesday, as they do every year around this time, Apple officially unveiled its new iPhone lineup and some product updates.

An Apple Watch that tells the time all day 🧐, iPhones that are basically fancy cameras (#slofies) 🤳, two (already announced) subscription services: TV and gaming 😴. "Nothing shown today really qualifies as meeting high ‘innovation only’ (the title of the event) expectations," wrote Mark Gurman, Apple & Devices news for Bloomberg.

But there is visible and invisible innovation (Hicks and Katz, 1996).

It's been a decade since Apple launched the first iPhone and they are now in the incremental improvements phase. "Smartphones are now pretty much where PCs were in 2007 - it’s not so much that Apple has somehow ‘forgotten how to innovate’ as that the smartphone, like the PC, has passed that stage in the S-curve" – Benedicte Evans.

Not mentioned on the stage, aside from appearing on a brief slide, Apple quietly introduced the U1 chip. Embedded in the U1 is new technology Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) that may dramatically change how our various intelligent devices interact with each other. The implications are enormous according to experts (source 1 / source 2).

There, Apple is the first out of the gate!


The stats speak for themselves. Marketers need to get serious about TikTok!

Sensor Tower@SensorTower
The top app worldwide for August 2019 (non-game) was @tiktok_us with close to 63 million installs. See the details here:…. Also in the top five were @WhatsApp, @messenger, @facebook, and @instagram. #tiktok #topapp #mobile #apps

Harvard Business Review on TikTok

TikTok: A Marketing Guide


Would you like to identify potential SEO improvements on your website but you’re not an expert? Or you are a pro but you would like to easily communicate these improvements with non-technical stakeholders?

Distilled has put together a very handy checklist based on Google’s guidelines.

I made a copy for you, you can duplicate the spreadsheet here.


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