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— Issue 3 (Week 33, 2019)

Erwan Derlyn

Hello, Hello! If you’re returning from last week, thanks! If you’re new, nice to have you.

I’m not gonna discuss the recent acquisition of Tumblr or WeWork's IPO filing here — you probably read all about it somewhere else.

On the menu this week: augmented reality, zero-click searches, and more.


This week, both Facebook and Snapchat released new augmented reality features and products. Facebook announced the global roll-out of its Spark AR platform allowing anyone to create and publish their own AR effects on Instagram. Snapchat introduced the Spectacles 3, a fashion accessory made for augmented reality.

This follows other announcements from Google (AR coming in Search and in Maps) and Apple now making it easier for developers to create AR-friendly apps.

For most of this decade, we’ve been told that augmented reality will transform how we communicate, shop, and play games. With the exception of the Pokémon Go craze, it didn’t. Some of the above features may look trivial but are signs that the technology is ready to go mainstream. Now it’s up to us to make AR a reality!


You may have noticed when you are searching on Google that more and more of your questions are being answered without having to click to a website. That’s right! In June, for the first time, the majority of Google searches (50.33%) ended without a click on an organic or paid search result finds a clickstream study by Rand Fishkin.

The rise of zero-click searches may results in less traffic to your website for some keywords but this is also an opportunity to position your business for voice search. Google relies on these answer boxes to provide a concise answer to voice queries.


Gustaf Alströmer moved from Sweden to Silicon Valley 10 years ago. One of the first members of the growth team at Airbnb, he is now a partner at Y Combinator.

In this video, he covers how to measure product-market fit, how to decide on growth channels, and other mechanics of growth for startups. If you are starting a company or work in growth, this is a must-watch.


Other things I found interesting this week:

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