Let's be honest!

— Issue 2 (Week 32, 2019)

Erwan Derlyn

Good afternoon from Stockholm, Erwan here. I hope you are having a great weekend.

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The tech industry is constantly changing. And in the age of information overload, it’s never been easier to access content. The challenge is now to filter what matters. That’s the goal behind this newsletter. To curate what matters in the industry for practitioners. Not from the perspective of a journalist, or an algorithm.

Without further ado, please find below what I’ve selected for you this week.


Game on for Podcast SEO! Google is taking the next step in making podcasts easier to find. The company will now surface individual podcast episodes in search results. “This new functionality could fundamentally change how people find new shows because podcasts have lacked discovery tools (…) podcast episodes in search could be huge for podcasters and give them unprecedented exposure to listeners.”


Download The Reuters Institute's Digital News Report 2019, a worldwide survey of 75,000 news consumers from 38 countries, if you want to deep dive into the current media landscape and analyse differences between markets. Executive summary here.


One of the main challenges that marketers and developers face when scaling is localization. This week I came across the newly launched langapi.co. This Y Combinator startup claims to be the fastest way for startups to translate their apps. I haven’t tried it myself (and found some skeptics on Hacker News) but it could be a product worth following if you are in the process of entering new markets.

I also recommend you these two blog posts: Determining Quantitative Product/Market Fit by Jeff Chang (Growth Technical Lead at Pinterest) and Advantage Flywheels by Max Olson (Product Strategist at Mashgin). I wish I could sketch like that!


If you are a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, my friend Lydia Kellam is launching The Workation Way. A two-day business and leisure retreat in the Stockholm archipelago. The perfect place to disconnect and reconnect. Pssst, early bird rate ends on Aug. 25!


Word, Jason. Let’s be honest!

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— Erwan